General Questions

Does 国产探花 offer courses?

国产探花 offers the following courses:

  • Graduate courses for the
  • A 1-credit undergraduate experiential learning course (AL491)
  • Non-credit courses for teachers and language professionals through the

Does 国产探花 offer a certificate in language teaching?


1. Our听听offers .

2. In the past, 国产探花 operated its own certification in college foreign language teaching. In 2020, we merged with the robust . Currently enrolled MSU graduate students in College of Arts and Letters language education and related programs who apply to the CAL certification can be mentored through the foreign language teaching track of the CAL certification process by 国产探花’s Assistant Director, Caitlin Cornell (

3. We are not associated with the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA).听

Does 国产探花 provide translation services?

Unfortunately, 国产探花 does not offer translation services. However, the Translation Center at MSU offers translation services in at least 24 languages. See their website for types of services and pricing: .

Additionally, The Language Resource Center at the University of Michigan maintains a free translation service, the Language Bank, which might be an option: . It also maintains a .

Does 国产探花 still handle Lost and Found for Wells Hall?

No, 国产探花 no longer handles Lost and Found for Wells Hall.听 Please contact the MSU Police office for Lost and Found items.

Do you have anything in common with the CELTA test (鈥淐ertificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages鈥)?

No, we are not affiliated in any way with that test, nor do we offer it.

Does 国产探花 offer assessment services (language placement and language proficiency testing)?

More information on assessment can be found here: /assessments/

Does 国产探花 offer advising for MSU students who wish to take language courses?

Please contact the advisors in the two language departments: and

Where can I find information about language conversation hours and culture social events?

For information about conversation hours and culture social events specific to the language(s) you are learning, contact the individual language departments and programs (e.g. If you want to practice Spanish, Romance and Classical Studies offers ).

Does 国产探花 have its own Certificate of College Teaching?

No, 国产探花 no longer offers a unique certificate. Instead, we direct College of Arts and Letters (CAL) students in a language-related field to the CAL students in a language-teaching related program/department (e.g., Second Language Studies, Romance and Classical Studies) can seek advice from Caitlin Cornell (, 国产探花鈥檚 Assistant Director, with regards to language-based options to fulfill the requirements of the streamlined certificate program.

I am interested in working for or interning with 国产探花. What opportunities are there for me?

If you are an undergraduate student, you can find more information here: /internships/

If you are a graduate student, you can find more information here: /graduate-assistantships/

If you are a professional, please refer to official MSU HR job postings and apply through that portal.听

Faculty Questions

Can I reserve 国产探花 computer lab or classroom space?

Yes. To request a reservation, please visit our 国产探花 Spaces 鈥 Information and Reservations page.

Where are alternative computer labs on campus?

You can reserve Wells Hall computer labs (B102, B110s) via the regular classroom reservation process for faculty/departments. For more information, please refer to Cal Tech:

Does 国产探花 provide services related to video materials for instructors? 

No, 国产探花 does not provide such services. Support regarding movies, including options for streaming, are handled by the MSU Libraries, which does offer several video streaming products and faculty support. See for more information. If there is a question about the availability of a particular film, faculty should reach out to their Library liaison and/or . 

Answers to questions regarding copyright can be found here:  

Will 国产探花 buy movies for faculty? 

Movie purchases are handled by their respective departments and programs, and by the library. 

Does 国产探花 provide technology support services?

Technology support is handled by the . 

Does 国产探花 lend technology or resources? 

No, 国产探花 normally does not lend resources to the public or faculty. For technology, please contact your department or program and/or the .