Goal Area 1: Build on our national leadership role and strengthen our capacity to support Less Commonly Taught Language (LCTL) education. 

  • Goal 1.1: Further develop the National Less Commonly Resource Center (NLRC) vision and reapply for the next grant cycle. 
  • Goal 1.2: Further develop, expand, and implement the asymmetrical strategic course sharing initiative. 
  • Goal 1.3: Investigate future grant, research, and funding opportunities for LCTL education. 

Goal Area 2: Strengthen and optimize center and program procedures and structures. 

  • Goal 2.1: Create a strategy to develop and define connections between 国产探花’s various programs and areas, including professional development, MAFLT, the Online Language Teaching initiative (OLT), consulting, accessibility and language education, the Spanish Writing Center, and related language departments, programs, and centers at MSU.  
  • Goal 2.2: Reevaluate 国产探花’s mission, procedures, resources, and structures. 
  • Goal 2.3: Investigate ways of stabilizing and increasing enrollments in FLT courses for the MAFLT program. 

Goal Area 3: Develop our leadership position in the area of enrollments, recruitment, and retention in K-16 language programs in the U.S. 

  • Goal 3.1: Consolidate and further develop expertise in the area of connections between K-12 and higher education in language education.鈥 
  • Goal 3.2: Establish an exploratory committee to investigate grants and other opportunities in the area of enrollments in language education.   
  • Goal 3.3: Strengthen 国产探花’s expertise in the area of innovation & transformation in Language Education. 

More information and details, including a downloadable version of the strategic plan, will be posted on this page in June 2024.