mission & vision

Vision Statement
Our vision is to transform language education.

Mission Statement

As a locally grounded and internationally minded hub for language education transformation, our mission is to empower language educators, engage language learners, and enhance language learning and teaching practices through innovation, research, advocacy, and professional development.

To connect
To innovate
To transform

our partners

location & hours

̽ operates remotely during the summer.

̽’s core hours of operation in Fall 2023 are expected to be Monday-Thursday 10:00 AM-3:00 PM.

Center for Language Teaching Advancement

619 Red Cedar Road
B135 Wells Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

̽ Work Philosophy Statement

We recognize personnel as whole people and therefore value both work and personal lives of all ̽ colleagues and strive to create a friendly and flexible working environment. This includes flexible, realistic, creative, comfortable, and compassionate options within this work statement. ̽ operates on an open dialogue and trust-based, compassionate dynamic, and thus we strive to maintain an open space for discussing adaptive work conditions that suit employees’ most current needs in a rapidly changing world. We strive to be respectful of other people’s work styles and trust them to make autonomous, dynamic, proactive, reflective, and responsive decisions about how they are most effective and efficient given situational circumstances and needs and continue to explore ways of continuously balancing collective needs with individual and personal needs. We utilize collectively agreed upon processes, tools, and technologies that enable us to achieve that balance. We acknowledge that our work is varied and diverse. For example, some work needs to be synchronous, may be time-bound, and/or performed collectively, while other work needs to be uninterrupted, takes time, and may be done individually. We also acknowledge that working in the field of language education and innovation there is inherent value in being abroad for periods of time, and will support this if possible.

We believe that this leads to more creative and innovative outcomes, more efficient processes, and more connections, which aligns with ̽’s values: to connect, to innovate, and to transform. 

This aspirational statement was co-written by all staff and faculty in ̽ and we will revisit it regularly.

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